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Privacy Policy

Legal Disclaimer

This privacy policy lays out the general understanding to users about how their personal information is used and secured when accessing this website. We do not actively attempt to collect any information from you, and any information you provide us is only accessible to us. That being said, no third-party users will have access to any of your personal data.


The X Vegas Production (XVP) Studio is independently owned by Jared Vega. XVP ensures that all privacy of users is kept secured. Contact for any questions, concerns or requests. 

Information - Collection and Usage

XVP will never ask you for any personal information besides your name and email. When you provide us with your name and email, it is likely due to you voluntarily signing up for upcoming events or requesting more information. Therefore, the only information we would have access to is your name and email if you choose to provide it to us, and nothing more.


To reiterate from before, we will never ask for your passwords or any related private information. Only what you provide to us will be accessible to us. 

Data Retention and Transfer

When you provide us with your information, we only retain it in our system for as long as the situation requires it for. For instance, if you RSVP to one of our events, we would only keep your personal information for the duration of the event. In other instances, if you subscribe to our newsletter or announcement notifications, we would only keep the data for as long as you are subscribed. Your data and information will only be used for what you consent for it being used for.

Additionally, we do not transfer data to third-party users. All information is accessible and used by only XVP. If a third-party app should be used for any event or notification you are signed up for, you will be notified prior in order to approve or deny the  usage of your information by the external source. 

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