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Jared Vega was born on November 1, 2003, in Livingston, New Jersey. Raised in a latino household in Elizabeth, New Jersey, his mother is Colombian and his father is Puerto Rican. Jared found his passion for songwriting and music production at a young age. Learning to play the piano at the age of 6, he began writing small excerpts of music for fun.


Growing up, Jared was a multi-instrumentalist, having learned many instruments like the piano, drums, guitar, and violin. When Jared moved to Edison, New Jersey in 2018, he self-taught himself how to music produce to turn the drafts of his songwriting into full songs. He graduated from John P. Stevens High School in June 2022 and currently attends the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

Jared Vega, professionally known as X Vegas, is an artist, producer, composer, and DJ. He grew up in New Jersey and since 2022 has been based in Florida. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, he has self-produced three singles and one EP since 2020. His debut single Promise was released May 15, 2020 and it featured the rapper Big $how. His single, Goodbye, released August 18, 2022 which was complimented by X Vegas' first music video which he filmed and edited. Goodbye's popularity led to its VIP version being released the following year.


When Jared was 15 years old, he released the track Gone for the Dead under his name in 2019. He released a remixed version of the track a week later. Months after, the track Pontellier, based on the story of a book, was released.


Jared, however, removed all three tracks from all music streaming platforms the following year as he did not believe they met his current production standards.


After purchasing better music equipment and gaining more production experience, Jared released his debut single Promise under his artist name, X Vegas, in 2020. The track was made with his friend Big $how. The song was performed once live at their high school for a school event. In 2021, X Vegas released The Cycle of Pain alongside a lyric video he uploaded to YouTube.

His track Goodbye was soon released in 2022 after he graduated from high school. He released a music video for it on the same day of its release. A year later in 2023Goodbye VIP (Deluxe EP) was released, including an Orchestral Version of Goodbye alongside its featured Variation-In-Production (VIP) version. 


It is rumored that X Vegas' debut album is soon to be released later this year (Summer 2024).

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