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Two Halves

Two Halves is an orchestral arrangement of X Vegas' (soon-to-be-released) track "Two Halves" composed and arranged by Jared Vega in January 2024. It tells the story of two fictional entities, commonly imagined as two lovers, through pure orchestral music. Through a cycle of disagreements, distancing, and forgiveness, Two Halves COA effectively takes the audience through the story with three sections:

I. Deviation

II. Consolidation

III. Reunification

Orchestral Arrangement

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Goodbye VIP

Goodbye VIP album cover

A year after the release of Goodbye, X Vegas released Goodbye VIP (Deluxe EP) on August 18, 2023. The five track collection features the variation-in-production (VIP) version of Goodbye, an orchestral version, a stripped back (demo) version, and both instrumentals for the original and VIP Goodbye. This release makes for X Vegas' first EP debut. 


1. Goodbye VIP

2. Goodbye - Orchestral Version

3. Goodbye VIP - Stripped Back (Demo)

4. Goodbye VIP (Instrumental)

5. Goodbye (Original Instrumental)

Fun Fact: What makes the VIP version different from the original includes the use of a synth bass as opposed to a live recorded electric bass, as well as a heavier kick drum, more prominent backing vocals, and a new approach to the track's bridge and outro.



Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg


Goodbye album cover

X Vegas' most recent track, Goodbye, saw the light when it was released on August 17, 2022. It was intentionally released after Vegas graduated from high school and before he moved to college. What is arguably his best-produced track yet (in comparison to previous years), X Vegas reaches new peaks with his vocals, new grooves for his melodic, live-recorded bass, and the addition of a pre-chorus and a bridge. Vegas also recorded his first-ever music video which was simultaneously released with this track and was filmed and edited himself.


Fun Fact: Almost every lyrical line is representative of a real-life event that occurred to X Vegas during his high school years.



Desolation is an orchestra piece composed by Jared Vega, finalized in April 2022. The composition highlights arrangements of X Vegas' unreleased tracks "Nightmares" and "Under The Bridge" blended with other original melodies.

It features four movements:

I. Nightmares

II. Incertitude

III. Faded Souls

IV. Under The Bridge


DJ Party Mix

The first mix put together by X Vegas, featuring a collection of mainstream party music and their remixes. The tracklist includes 21 unique tracks and remixes, and it is the first part of the Party Mix series.


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The Cycle of Pain

The Cycle of Pain album cover

On August 13, 2021, X Vegas released The Cycle Of Pain. This somber, depressing track takes a rich bass melody to go over mellow keys and a vibrant synthetic cello. Mistakenly thought that the song is about someone Vegas was close with, the lyrics for this track were actually inspired by melancholic quotes collected over the web and social media comments.

Fun Fact: This track took X Vegas the least amount of time to write, taking one day to produce, another day to write lyrics, and the rest of the week to record, mix, and release. 


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Promise album cover

X Vegas' official debut single was Promise. Released on May 15, 2020, it is currently Vegas' only collaboration in his music career as of now. He featured his friend Big $how who takes on the track's verses with his rapping. The upbeat, electronic track fused X Vegas' deep vocals with Big $how's steady rapping to create a uniquely styled flow.

Fun Fact: The theme for this track was to simply reassure those in need that they will be okay.

feat. Big $how



Aerial Haze

Aerial Haze is a guitar piece composed by Jared Vega, finalized on April 2022.

It consists of three different acoustic guitar parts and one bass guitar part. The composition can be performed as an ensemble or as a quartet.

Gone for the Dead (Remix)

Gone for the Dead (Remix) album cover

The synth-pop remix to the original track took new synth instruments blended in with smoother bass and key sounds to create Gone for the Dead (Remix). Released only a week after the original on September 12, 2019, the track delivered a more upbeat and melodic vibe. Like the original, it was removed from all music streaming platforms the following year.

Fun Fact: The vocals for the remix did not change. They were the same exact vocals as the recording of the original. 



Pontellier album cover

X Vegas' first demo with his newly created artist name came with the release of Pontellier. This track, released on April 13, 2020, was the first track where X Vegas utilized samples to formulate a beat. This particular track was written solely due to a project Vegas had for school which is what led to him eventually removing it from music streaming platforms.

Fun Fact: The song is based on the story of the fictional character Edna Pontellier from the book The Awakening by Kate Chopin


Gone for the Dead

Gone for the Dead album cover

X Vegas' first officially recorded track was Gone for the Dead. Released September 6, 2019 under his real name, the track was very electronic/synth heavy and Vegas' vocals were very monotone and raspy at the time. It was Vegas' first fully developed song with an instrumental and vocals. It was removed from all music streaming platforms the following year.

Fun Fact: The vocals to this track were recorded with wired earbuds.


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